Sanctuary on Seventh Cafe & Gift Shop

We love great coffee, really good food, recycling, the environment, art and photography, fair trade and meeting new people – so we decided to combine our passions and hence … Sanctuary on Seventh!


To develop, maintain and grow a sustainable and successful small business with passion and whilst having fun! Success will be measured in terms of environmental, social, and economic measures – planet, people and profit. When and wherever possible we will strive to incorporate principles of sustainability into each business decision.

A new way of operating a business

Planet We know the earth is in trouble, we know we all have to do our bit, individuals, councils, governments the whole community, including Businesses, large and small.

People Certain groups of people struggle more than others. These people generally don’t want charity in the form of money; they want to be involved, to contribute and to maintain their dignity. They want to work and provide for their family.  People includes our local community – our customers and our staff and all those who visit us.

Profit All businesses need to make a profit but its how this impacts on the Planet and the People. By building a sustainable business we believe we can achieve positive outcomes for all three.

So then the questions are what do we do and where do we start?

We create a new business and start by reusing, re-purposing, and recycling fixtures and fittings as well as using environmentally friendly products. We stock Fair Trade, recycled, repurposed or handmade items and support artists with space to exhibit. We collect rainwater for use and solar energy to put back into the grid and use all resources as wisely as possible. Our scrap materials are recycled or composted wherever possible. We don’t have all the answers but will constantly seek them. That is our aim. Come and enjoy the journey with us.

The Store

Sanctuary on Seventh is a unique and engaging destination. We offer fabulous Fair Trade coffee, delicious food & cakes and an interesting and diverse retail shopping experience which includes recycled or repurposed art pieces, jewellery, clothes and much more to enliven the senses and spark the imagination! Escape to a positive, optimistic, cheerful and environmentally friendly place full of refreshing ideas and delightful surprises. Visit our Sanctuary, enjoy the enticing aromas, connect, spend time or make time, relax and let it be your sanctuary too!


To be true to our ethos the products or services in our business need to be ‘positive’. The stock falls into one, often more, of the follow categories:-

  • Delicious!
  • Fair trade or locally produced items
  • Eco friendly
  • Recycled or repurposed
  • Community building/supporting
  • Supporting art/artists/artisans